Tips To Find The Right Fit For Your Breast Implant Size

To Find The Right Fit For Your Breast Implant Size
To Find The Right Fit For Your Breast Implant Size


Some people turn to breast augmentation surgery to achieve their ideal body shape and boost their confidence. For others, breast implants might be part of reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Whichever the reason, there is one very important decision to make: choosing your breast implant size.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast size – there are also considerations such as one’s body proportions, the weight of breasts, and limitations that one’s anatomy might impose on how big you can go.

Below are some tips on how you can find the right fit that will look good and feel good before undergoing breast enlargement in Singapore.

Consider your body proportions

Size is relative, and what will look good on one person may not look good on another. Considering your body proportions is vital to ensure the implants don’t look unnatural on you.

If you have a small frame, huge implants may overwhelm your figure and look out of place. Conversely, for a person with a larger frame, smaller implants may not provide enough enhancement. Aspects like height, stature, and chest circumference are crucial parameters for deciding on a breast size that looks good proportionally.

Understand your body’s limitations

Besides the visual balance, your body’s anatomy also affects the size of implants you can choose. The breast base, amount of breast tissue, and skin elasticity must be able to support the size, volume, and weight of the implants.

A qualified and experienced surgeon will be able to take measurements and advise you on what size range is feasible for your body. From there, you can then choose the implant size you prefer based on the visual result.

Try sizers on

Most plastic surgeons have implant sizers that patients can try on during their consultation. These sizers come in various sizes and shapes and can be placed inside a bra to give patients an idea of what the implant will look like on their bodies. Trying on different sizes can help provide a better idea of what will look and feel best.

As the surgery is a permanent procedure, we encourage patients to take their time to choose. Make sure you are completely comfortable with your choice before moving on.

Consider your lifestyle

You will have to live with your breast implants and do all types of activities with them, including working and exercising. Consider how the enhanced breast size may affect your daily life. Would it be too big and uncomfortable during vigorous physical activity? Would it inconvenience you with the type of clothes you can wear?

While the ultimate decision is yours, you may also want to consider the culture and community you live in, as large implants may draw unwanted attention in conservative societies and workplaces.


Choosing breast implant sizes is a highly personal choice, but communicating transparently with your plastic surgeon will help you understand the range of choices that are best for your body so that you can make a more informed decision.

Here at Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Ng can talk you through the common breast augmentation methods and advise you on choosing the ideal size. You can also consult him on any concurrent procedures you wish to consider, including nipple reduction or the tummy tuck.

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