Getting Ready For Plastic Surgery: Tips For A Smooth Process

Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery : Smooth Process
Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery : Smooth Process

Like any other medical surgery, plastic surgery is a major decision that carries its own risks. Once you have understood all the risks, communicated your desired outcome with your surgeon, and decided to go ahead with the surgery, you can begin to prepare for the day of your surgery.

Whether you are going for a facelift surgery or an eye bag removal in Singapore, making the right preparations can help to ensure the surgery goes smoothly and as comfortably as possible for you. Additionally, you can rest easier during the recovery process if you have made the appropriate arrangements beforehand.

Recommended Actions

Here are some recommended actions to take in preparation for a plastic surgery appointment:

1. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine

The components within cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are associated with higher risks of complications during surgeries and should be avoided in the weeks leading up to surgery.

Nicotine in cigarettes restricts oxygen and blood flow, which can lead to poor wound healing and excessive scarring. It is best to stop smoking in the four weeks before surgery. As for alcohol, it has a blood thinning effect, which can lead to excessive bleeding and hamper the body’s ability to heal. It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol two weeks before surgery.

You may not need to eliminate caffeine from your diet, but excessive consumption can increase risks for your surgery. If you are drinking more than two cups a day, try to lower your consumption to a maximum of two cups daily during the week before your surgery.

2. Pause medications

Some medications can be risky if taken before surgery, especially blood-thinning medications. Common over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen can also be dangerous, so be sure to check with your doctor about what is safe to consume.

Always be transparent to your surgeon about any medications or health supplements you take regularly. Besides talking to your plastic surgeon, speak to the doctor who prescribed you the medications to see if they can offer any alternatives or advice on when to stop and resume taking your usual medications.

3. Make your home suitable for recovery

Post-surgery, you would be instructed to rest and refrain from doing any strenuous activities. For some procedures like the tummy tuck surgery, you might need to rest in the hospital or do bed rest at home for the first few days.

As such, you want to ensure that your home is arranged comfortably for you to rest and recuperate. Some modifications you may want to make include the following:

● Placing all your necessities within arm’s reach of your bed.
● Stocking up on food and drinks so you won’t have to go out unnecessarily to buy them.
● Planning some activities you can do without moving about too much.

4. Arrange for post-surgery help

Everyone has their set of responsibilities, but you may not be able to fulfil all of them while recovering from your surgery. You may need to arrange for family, relatives, or hired help to assist you with these commitments, such as taking care of children, cooking meals, doing household chores, or even taking care of yourself.

Don’t forget to also arrange for someone to take you home after the surgery, as it is not advisable to drive or take public transport by yourself so soon after the procedure.

5. Follow your doctor’s instructions

There may be other actions to take before your surgery that vary according to the procedure you will be undergoing. Most likely, you will need to fast before your surgery as well.

Do follow your surgeon’s instructions, as they would know what works best for each individual patient. In the event you are unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to ask and get on the same page as your doctor.


The steps above may seem many, but these minor inconveniences make the surgery and recovery process so much smoother if you attend to them prior to the surgery. As important as it may be to you to achieve your body or face goals, it is also crucial to do so while protecting your health and safety.

Equally as important as following the right preparation steps is choosing a reliable and trusted surgeon to perform the procedure for you, whether it is a double eyelid surgery or breast augmentation in Singapore. We welcome you to speak with our plastic surgeon, Dr Ng, to gain a full understanding of the surgery you are considering, as well as the appropriate preparation and post-surgery care steps to take.