Facelift Boost: What Are Some Perfect Procedure Pairings?

Facelift Boost: What Are Some Perfect Procedure Pairings?
Facelift Boost: What Are Some Perfect Procedure Pairings?

For those who find that their facial skin is droopy and lacking a plump, youthful suppleness, you may want to consider face lifting in Singapore. Facelift surgery is a popular way to address these concerns and achieve the desired skin-tightening effect.

Facelift surgery may also be combined with other cosmetic procedures to achieve a more comprehensive result. As the MOH-accredited plastic surgeon at Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Ng believes plastic surgery should be planned out carefully to holistically address a patient’s concerns rather than doing more and more procedures to fix every new issue that arises.

With that in mind, below are three procedures that go hand-in-hand with a facelift procedure to address multiple concerns at once.




Blepharoplasty is an umbrella term for eyelid surgery, which includes cosmetic surgeries like droopy eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery, and eye bag removal surgery in Singapore. Eyelid surgery can address concerns about saggy skin and puffiness in the upper or lower eyelids, working together with the facelift to produce a more alert and rejuvenated appearance.

The plastic surgeon would consider how the facelift and eyelid surgery work synergistically for the resultant look. Otherwise, the effects may be different if done separately. For example, doing a facelift after eye bag removal may result in an over-tightening effect in the undereye area.


Fat transfer

A facelift essentially tightens the facial skin by pulling it upwards and backwards. However, it cannot restore or add volume to sunken cheeks or uneven contours on the face. Therefore, fat grafting is often recommended to patients who also wish to make their skin look more supple and voluminous.

Fat transfer or grafting involves harvesting fat from the patient’s thighs or tummy, and injecting it into other areas of the body or face. For the face, common areas for depositing fat are the cheeks and lips.


Laser resurfacing

While a facelift offers an overall tightening and lifting effect, laser resurfacing can be used to further smoothen the texture of the skin, ironing out fine lines and uneven skin. This laser procedure can also improve pigmentation from scars and sun damage.

Laser resurfacing techniques like Erbium: YAG profractional laser skin resurfacing work by precisely removing the outer layers of skin without breaking the skin barrier. This triggers a healing response from the damaged skin layer, which leads to the formation of collagen and new skin cells, resulting in smoother, softer skin with a more even skin tone.



 Careful planning of cosmetic procedures can help you achieve your desired look in fewer sessions of surgery. The above facelift treatment pairings are commonly recommended because they work so well together to produce a more rejuvenated look.

However, not everyone would need or want to do additional procedures apart from the basic facelift. Do speak with our plastic surgeon to understand the advantages and risks of pairing your facelift surgery with other procedures and consider if it is something that suits your goals. For more information on our facelift procedure, please contact us today.